Privacy Policy

Terms of Service and Privacy Policy 

Good Day and thank you for choosing our work lead service.

By using our services, you also agree to our terms of service. Please Read the following section carefully. 

This Website offers a brokerage service between the customer and professional individual providing assistance or a work service. 

All the phone numbers you find in this site are directed to a call center. This call center answers all the incoming calls from people looking for assistance and takes down the necessary information. 

This information will then be passed on to the professional who will be providing the assistance requested. This professional does not work for our company and is not associated with our company in anyway. 

Our company provides the communication service between these professional individuals and potential customers looking for assistance. By calling our service you understand that we will pass your information onto the professional who can best solve your issue. 


As an advertising company, we don't provide any services under the name of our company, only a connection to someone who can provide service. The professional who you will be connected to will be responsible for the work and services they provide. We also accept no payment for any of these services and all payment agreements will have to be negotiated with the professional providing assistance. 

Our responsibility to our customers includes providing communications with the professionals who can provide the services they are looking for. We also ascertain the level of satisfaction in the service provided by the professional and see to it that any warranty provided is also covered. 

As a website advertising agency, we don't employ any field workers. Therefore, we assume no responsibility for any illegal actions carried out by any service repairman performing any requested tasks and we strongly deprecate any such conduct 

It will be the responsibility of the customer to check necessary licenses, qualifications and policies are in place before the project can commence. The details of these documents will be handled between the customer and service repairman directly and we keep no such information on our databases. 

As an advertising company, we carry no insurance policies or licenses to perform any of the tasks provided by service repairmen who received a work lead from our site.  

By calling the number mentioned on our site, you understand and agree to the conditions and terms listed above. All content information written on the website exists for search engine optimization and is simply an aspect of our blog.