Garage Door Repair

Repairing your garage door can involve a lot of effort, labor, and knowledge. It can also be as simple as knowing when to clean, tighten, and lubricate your machine. When it comes to fixing problems with your garage door, it helps to know what you're up against. Whether you're dealing with a massive structural problem or a loose bolt that needs tweaking, chances are you'll be able to face the problem head-on with a few tools and the help of a professional. Consult our guide to figure out whether or not your garage door repair is a job for the experts.

Problems with the Track

One of the most common issues homeowners face with regard to their garage door is a problem with the track. Because the track is a major component of your garage door's function, it needs to be treated with a special amount of care. That means regular cleanings, lubrication, and part replacement for anything that looks worn down or too dirty to work. Some tracks, however, were made to be bent, in which case professional help is needed. If you're dealing with an older home whose track has started to bend out of shape, chances are your track is made out of cheap material and was not built to last. Call a professional to get more information about replacing your garage door's track system.

Broken Spring

A broken spring in a garage door can not only halt its function, it can cause a lot of other issues with your door's future performance. When a spring breaks, it causes the safety cables to step in and bear the rest of the door's weight. This can cause serious issues with your garage door's opening system, including putting more strain on one side of the mechanism than the other, causing warping and bending. If you know you have a broken spring, don't try to fix it yourself. Call a professional as soon as you can to prevent damage to your door or personal injury.

Technical Issues

Sometimes your door simply isn't working because it's not communicating with your sensors or camera properly. When a sensor is misaligned during installment, it can mess up the whole function of your camera feed, making it impossible for your garage door to sense you coming and open automatically. If you can open your door manually but you can't get it to open for you, it's best to assume that your problem is technical.


One of the simplest problems you can have with your door is when you let something get in its way. This isn't always as obvious as it seems, however. An obstruction to your door can be something you can see on the ground. It can also exist as a more subtle kind of damage to your door's exterior or the bottom of your door's last panel. As a precaution, always do a thorough external check first before assuming the issue is mechanical or technical.